Playlist DMC #69

Cover playlist DMC 69
Cover playlist DMC 69

Cover: Julia Geiser (Site | Facebook)


01. Shelter Point – Fuse

Slow, soft, and tender… Those words are exactly what describes the whole universe you’ll discover thanks to this track. Get ready to meet an ocean unknown till nowadays, step by step. There is magic inhere, The title of the song is also very well found, because you’ll probably feel the impression of metals while they’re melting. There is a huge dimension of foundry in this track.

02. Ticktock – Off The Map

This tune is a kind of UFO in its own style. It’s actually a bit psychedelic. A few soft notes are dropped here and there, and a very staid voice comes over to cloak the melody. If youenjoy meditation, this track is perfect for you ! The title of the song is well found as well because you’ll probably feel as if you were in the middle of nowhere. This tune is ideal for relaxation and chilling out.

03. Skott – Porcelain

Starting with a pace which reminds us the beat of a human heart, a beautiful woman’s voice craddles you. Make sure to be ready to fly with this song. It’s actually full of clouds !Very aerial, it’s the least to say !This tune acts like a real nursery rhyme. Children’s voices also pop out to reinforce this idea.

04. Cisser – Fandt Et Stille Sted

Just a woman’s voice and a guitar at the beginning… Just the simple necessary to carve a setting. The song is full of rises and falls which will make your mind wander. We could expect something else during the song, but it actually keeps going the same way than the start all the way. Very quiet, and peaceful, this tune reminded me the type of songs we could play as teenagers during long evenings around a camp fire.

05. Me And My Friends – A Penguin Samba

This song is full of the softness of violins. Very rythmic, and even sometimes groovy, this track tells us a story. Perhaps, it’s the story of the life itself ! In one word, you’d probably find some difficulties to encounter a perkier tune. The full string orchestra will make you want to abandon yourself, and to enjoy the beauty of the instruments. Each instrument actually carries weight and is extremely well thought.

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